Dairy Gift

6 OCT, 2022

The Story of Dahi

“Make Celebrations Full of Life”

Those who celebrate festivals know how important ghee is for lighting of the auspicious flame for Diwali pooja, how special is Kachi Lassi for concluding the Karva Chauth fast, and what difference exceptional quality dairy can contribute in make making of sweets.

It’s widely known that during the festive months in which Navratri, Dussehra, Karwachauth, Dhanteras, Diwali, & Bhaidooj are celebrated, dairy peaks in demand because of sweet making etc. Indians especially are fond of sweets and our festivals are only complete when we gift sweets to our loved ones.

From the beginning of September to the end of November dairy products are used in high volume kitchens for preparing a variety of dishes including tasty kheer, halwa, khoya, and food items for people on a fast for religious reasons. Lighting Diyas (small lamps) in the temple is only complete when it’s lit up with desi ghee.

Milk in festivals

Milk collected from cows and buffaloes hold significant value for its high nutritional contents. Milk is used on each occasion for its nutritional but also the spiritual values. Amidst this festive season, the best milk brand– Baani can be your ideal choice for celebrating festivals with delicious homemade sweets. With nutritious milk, you will be able to stay energetic while fasting in the days of Navratri also.

Delicious Ghee

During festive season, increased demand of sweets directly leads to high demand of ghee also. Packed with a variety of nutrients, Ghee is used in cooking ambrosial sweets and desserts. Ghee is an ingredient deciding the taste and nutritional value of a dish. Moreover, ghee is used in lighting up the jyoti in our temples to worship God.

With the presence of VitaminA and phospholipids, ghee acts as a natural moisturiser, activates collagen production, facilitates skin hydration and reduces the damage from oxidative stress – which can become another reason to choose Baani ghee to nourish yourself in the festive season that comes during the winter.

Compromising with the Ghee quality, especially during the festive season may put a question mark on your health condition. When you get Ghee from best brand, your home will be filled with the joy of your sweets made from Baani Milk & Ghee.

Gift Care and Health this festival season

Brought directly from the farmers of Punjab, Baani’s Milk Products are the ingredients that can add the flavour of happy life and satisfaction in your life. When you buy any Baani product, be rest assured that the true values followed by the company will ultimately benefit farmers in the form of profit sharing, educational seminars for farmers and much more to Baani Milk Producer Organization. So, when you celebrate festivities with products of the best dairy company, you also give dairy farmers in Punjab a reason to celebrate the same with their loved ones.

Buy Baani & multiply the joy of the festive season with unparalleled quality and taste!