Diwali Celebration at HO, Patiala

On dated 22nd October, 2022, Diwali was celebrated at HO. The entire office was decorated in which every staff member played their part. The event started with Tambola. The tickets were distributed earlier among the employees who wanted to participate in the event. Tambola was followed by Tail the Donkey. In which a tail-less donkey was drawn on a paper and the participants had to put a tail on the spot mentioned in the sketch of the donkey. The event was relished by the participants who tailed the tail-less donkey. The next event was Dumb Charades in which all employees were distributed among two teams. The talent of expressing without uttering a word was seen in the event. Everyone enjoyed the entire event with great zeal. The prizes were distributed among the winners of different events.


The event ended with Lunch at the end.