12 July, 2022

Baani, Everything you need to know!

Have you ever been asked, “Do you drink water?” Chances are – NO.
As 70% of human body is water, it’s a no brainer that humanity cannot sustain without it.
But, we bet you’ve been asked, “Do you drink milk?”, or “Which milk do you drink?”
Do you drink milk from a farmer owned dairy?

Does your milk come from one of the top milk producers in Punjab?
Does your favorite dairy brand believe in the highest purity and quality standards?
Well, Baani Milk is the answer you have been searching for, your quest for dairy.

Incorporated in 2014, we at Baani Milk have won hearts of farmersand consumers with our sheer dedication, future proof business solutions such as village level automation, direct milk payment transfers to member’sbank account and added expertise by professionals with vast experience. All of which has enabled us to bring 60000 approx.farmermembers from 1150 villages into our fold.

Thanks to our values of integrity, commitment for producing the highest quality milk products, and passion for improving livelihood of dairy farmersand we have been blessed to be awarded notable accolades.

  • Maximum Digital Milk Bill Payment in the state by NDDB in 2020-21
  • FT HIGH-Growth Companies of Asia-Pacific 2020
  • Excellence Award for Industrial Development for the outstanding contribution to National Development by Indian Economic Development & Research Association (IEDRA)

As an Integrated milk producer company, we specialize in dairy products that meet FSSAI standards. Be it full cream, standardized, toned or double toned milk; toned and double toned dahi; or even sweet, spiced, or plain lassi– we have quality dairy products for people from all walks of life. If you’re missing the memory of desi ghee in your life, we also produce ghee that can nourish the skin, help improve complexion, and enhance nutrient absorption from your everyday meals.

Perhaps, that’s why India consumes the highest quantity of milk worldwide andproduced about 210 million metric tons in just 2020-21. If milk contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, dahiconsumption beneficialfor aid digestion and it is probiotic. Lassi fights acidity, soothes the digestive tract and is an ideal go-to beverage in the summer months. And, of course –– Ghee, the good old ancient Ayurvedic recipe that has earned itself a reputation as a household staple from North to South.

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