Fire Mock Drill/Emergency Evacuation Plan

To counter any type of fire or emergency in case of a difficult situation a training session and a mock drill was planned at Baani Milk Producer Company Limited on 14th March, 2022. The Mock Drill started at 14:00 Hrs with a training on Fire. In the session, all the employees at HO took part. In the session everyone was educated in detail about:

  • Cause of Fire,
  • Sources of Fire at workplace,
  • Different types of fires,
  • Different types of fire extinguishers,
  • Different ways to control fire,
  • Evacuation plan in case of any emergency

This time a different way of training was initiated. This included a mobile training van by SIS was called which was equipped with all the training material along with a professional trainer. The duration of training was 1 hour and covered all the objectives of the training and the mock drill. Some glimpses of the training and mock drill are below: