Importance of Dahi in our lives since the Vedic age

“Natural Immunity and digestion booster ”

What if we told you that Dahi or curd was often consumed by gods also? Yes, according to the Vedas, Dahi made from cow’s milk is a delightful food not only for humans but for gods as well. In the Hindu religion, a mixture of Dahi and honey called Madhuparka was served to the guest as a welcoming gesture. Even the process of churning curd with a churning stick has been known since Rig Vedic times. Apart from what the Vedas say, Dahi from the best curd brand has proven to be the best natural immunity and digestion booster and the best time to eat it is in the middle of the day when the sun is shining the most. Our Vedic society is the only society which gives respect and importance to cows and their products. Sweets like shrikhand existed even during the Vedic times.

Let’s get you familiar with some Dahi recipes that even existed long back.

Mishti Doi

Mishti Doi is a classic Bengali dessert made from thick milk that afterwards converted into thick sweet yoghurt, also known as sweet yoghurt. The primary ingredients in a well-known Bengali fermented dessert dish are full-cream milk, sugar or jaggery, and some yoghurt for a starter. 


Shrikhand recipe is a simple and well-liked Mahashtrian dessert recipe made with creamy yoghurt or curd. However, it can also be eaten as a side dish to poori or even chapati. Typically, it is given as dessert following lunch or dinner. There are several different varieties of shrikhand recipes, which use yoghurt as their base but add flavours like mango, Kesar, chocolate, and many others.


Indian raitas deserve special attention when discussing Dahi recipes. Although there are many types of raita, Dahi is still the fundamental component of this exquisite cuisine. You may use practically anything to prepare your preferred raita recipe, from veggies to fresh Indian fruits, spices, spicy boondi, to namkeen.

Coconutty Creamy Dreamy Milkshake

Blend 1 cup of skimmed or unsweetened milk from the best milk company with 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder in a blender on high speed until completely mixed. Enjoy it immediately as is, or add sweetener if desired.

An authentic Indian touch is incomplete without Dahi.

An authentic Indian diet will always include Dahi as a key component. The recipes for Dahi listed above are simple to prepare, Baani, the best Dahi brand in Punjab is the best option if you prepare any of these dishes. Baani Dahi is renowned for its handcrafted, rich, creamy Dahi taste that is made with Milk that has been pasteurised. It can be eaten straight up or used to make salads, raita, and Dahi meals. So why keep waiting? Get the best curd (Dahi) from the market today, prepared from Baani milk, which is packed with all the nutrients you need for a balanced diet!