28 July, 2022

Lassi – Benefits, Recipe & History

Lassi – a traditional Indian drink that every household of the nation is familiar with. It can be prepared from mixing dahi and water, into just about delicious flavour. People prefer sweet lassi, spiced lassi, or simply – plain lassi. Sweet lassi has nutritive, digestive, and cooling effects, and spiced lassi can help with digestion, and bloating.

Benefits of Lassi

Hydrates the body: It keeps you hydrated in the scorching summer heat by cooling the digestive tract, washing down fats from the food pipe.

Helps with digestion: It reduces irritation in the stomach lining that occurs due to acid reflux. Thus, relieving you of discomfort associated with acidity.

Provides beneficial nutrients: There are many nutrients in lassi such as: protein, healthy fat, and essential micronutrients such as calcium, Vitamin A, and Iron. Also, it can provide a balanced amount of electrolytes such as sodium, and potassium

Lassi Recipes

Spiced Lassi: To make 1 glass (250 ml), add 1 part yoghurt to 3 parts of cool water along with ½ teaspoon Black Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt, ¼ teaspoon of roasted cumin powder. Add mint (pudina) leaves as garnish. Consume immediately or store in the refrigerator for prolonged use.

Sweet Lassi: To make 1 glass (250 ml) of creamy lassi, add 1 part of yoghurt to 3 parts of cool water along with 1 tablespoon sugar. Add ice cubes according to your preference to enhance its refreshing effects.

Mango Lassi: To make 1 glass (250 ml) of mango lassi, chop 1 cup of ripe mango. Add 1 cup plain yoghurt and ½ glass of water. Add sugar for more sweetness if desired. Blend using a blender and add ice cubes according to your preference. Consume immediately to prevent fermentation.

History of Lassi

Lassi is believed to have originated around 1000 BC ago in Multan, and Punjab in India. Even though the exact time of its creation is unknown, its benefits have been mentioned in the period of Samhita about 2000 years ago. For example, the following qualities of lassi have been mentioned in Ayurvedic texts: Snigdha (unctuous), Madhura (sweet), Sheetala (cooling), and Sara (laxative).

In addition to its unique qualities, its following actions have been described in Ayurveda: Shukrala (aphrodisiac), Balya (energizing), Rochani (appetizer), Deepana (carminative), and Brimhani (nutritive).


Lassi is a powerhouse of nutrition that is being consumed across India, and gained itself the reputation of a healthy and refreshing drink across the globe. It can be adapted to various flavours and delicious recipes depending upon the requirement and individual needs while retaining its nutritional properties. Helpful in eliminating nutritional deficiencies, it can also provide relief to people with metabolic issues.

There are many lassi manufacturers in India, however, Baani Lassi is available in 3 tasty flavours (sweet lassi, spiced lassi, and plain lassi) is a delightful recipe for those who want instant refreshment in summer months.