lassi Benefits

Lassi Benefits

Can you guess one of the most enjoyed drinks of summer? It’s chilled, loaded with flavours, made with only healthy ingredients, and perfectly quenches your thirst in summer. We are talking about Lassi. One of the most popular drinks during the humid Indian summer is a tall glass of lassi, the pride of Punjabi cuisine. The yoghurt-based beverage typically served in earthen pots called Matkas, is smooth and creamy and has magical cooling properties, presumably why, even in Ayurveda, it is regarded as a superb summer chiller.

The smoothie, which is among the oldest in the world, is extremely popular during the hot season throughout the subcontinent (and even globally). It is challenging to resist sipping the delicious beverage, generously topped with heavy cream. But if you think that people drink Lassi only for taste, let us tell you there is more to this coolant.

A glass of Lassi is all we need to ward off all the tiredness and laziness that the summer season bestows on us. Nothing can quench the thirst like a lassi, no matter how much you chug on your carbonated, high-on-sugar drinks. Lassi is a traditional Indian drink that every household in the nation is familiar with. It is prepared by mixing dahi and water and is available in two popular variants — plain and sweet. Both are beneficial in their way.

Sweet Lassi has nourishing properties and cooling effects, and plain Lassi can help with digestion and bloating. In this post, we will discuss some exciting benefits of Lassi, followed by recipes that you can try at home. But first, let’s see how Lassi came into existence.

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A tall glass of Lassi on a sweltering summer day is all that a heart wants. No one will ever have the heart to refuse this pan-Indian summer favourite, whether it is the powerful Punjabi original or one of the countless variations cooked up throughout the nation. Let’s look at Lassi’s history and see what has made it so renowned worldwide. Lassi is believed to have originated around 1000 BC ago in Punjab, India. Even though the exact time of its creation is unknown, there has been a reference to its benefits from the Samhita period about 2000 years ago. Also, the ayurvedic texts describe Lassi as Snigdha (unctuous), Madhura (sweet), Sheetala (cooling), and Sara (laxative).

Traditionally, yoghurt was kept cool and preserved in earthen pots. It was then blended with water and sugar and churned well to make nice cream consistency for a Lassi drink. It is still a typical fixture in most Northern homes, consumed around lunchtime in tall brassware glasses. People usually enjoy the most natural form of Lassi, but you can top it with some additional flavours. Whatever the flavour, whether it is rose syrup, mango, kesar, or Khus Khus, the outcome is delicious. There are many different lassi types, from salty to sweet, and it tastes best when it is topped with dry fruits and rose petals.

It is customarily served cold in a large glass and is eaten with various Punjabi specialities, including aloo paratha, chole Bhature, Makki ki roti, and Sarson ka saag. In addition to being incredibly delicious, it is also reasonably healthful. You can gain bulk muscle, proteins, and strong bones. This delightful beverage comes with a lot of advantages. This is a short list of some of them. To learn more, keep reading.


As we go further now, let’s see what benefits this coolant offers to your body and why you should always wrap up your mid-day meal with a glass of Lassi.

  • Hydrates the body

One of the most commonly known lassi benefits is that it’s super hydrating, and it is the biggest reason why Lassi is consumed in the season of scorching heat. Summers tend to make you dehydrated. So, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated all the time to avoid any further complications. Drinking water is an option, but a flavoured beverage makes the task easier. So, Lassi hydrates you in the scorching summer heat by cooling the digestive tract and washing down fats from the food pipe, leaving you refreshed and full of energy.

  • Helps with digestion

Another very prominent reason why Lassi is ‘the most popular drink’ is that it aids digestion. You know, summers can not only make you dehydrated but can also mess up your digestion. The benefits of Lassi include reducing irritation in the stomach lining that occurs due to acid reflux. It relieves you of discomfort associated with acidity. Lassi is perfect for our digestive systems because it is made from yoghurt, aka dahi. It contains beneficial bacteria that nourish the intestines and promotes easy digestion.

  • Provides beneficial nutrients

As we said, Lassi is not just for taste; it is loaded with nutrients like protein, healthy fat, and essential micronutrients such as calcium, Vitamin A, and Iron. It can also provide a balanced amount of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. Because Lassi is so high in calcium, it’s a great way to strengthen your bones. Your general bone and dental health can be significantly enhanced by it.


We know you were waiting for this part. So, without further ado sharing 3 easy, flavorful and energizing recipes here:

Spiced Lassi:

Spiced Lassi

This healthy concoction, which is made with mild spices like salt and pepper, is ideal for battling indigestion ghostwriter österreich. You need a few essential items to make this simple recipe at home. You can season it with some chaat masala to make it more delectable.

  • Add 1 part yoghurt to 3 parts of cool water along with ½ teaspoon Black Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Now add ¼ teaspoon of roasted cumin powder.
  • Finish off with mint (pudina) leaves as garnish. Consume immediately or store in the refrigerator for prolonged use.

Sweet Lassi:


Baani Sweet Lassi
One of the most loved lassi flavours — is sweet Lassi. Like the spiced one, it is easy to prepare with just three ingredients and tastes heavenly.

    • Add 1 part of yoghurt to 3 parts of cool water along with 1 tablespoon of sugar.
    • Add ice cubes to enhance its refreshing effects.

Mango Lassi:

How about combining classic Lassi with mango and adding the goodness of fresh mint leaves on top?

With its distinct sweet flavour, mango enhances the flavour of this summertime beverage, while curd provides the recipe with a great texture.

  • Add 1 cup of plain yoghurt and ½ glass of water.
  • Chop 1 cup of ripe mango and add it to the mixture.
  • Add sugar for more sweetness if desired.
  • Blend using a blender and add ice cubes. Consume immediately to prevent fermentation.

*All quantities make 1 glass (250 ml)


Lassi is a powerhouse of nutrition and freshness; hence it gained a reputation as a healthy and refreshing drink globally hausarbeit schreiben lassen. It can be adapted to various flavours depending upon individual preference without losing nutritional

Lassi is a powerhouse of nutrition and freshness; hence it gained a reputation as a healthy and refreshing drink globally. It can be adapted to various flavours depending upon individual preference without losing nutritional properties. The benefits of drinking Lassi also provide relief to people with metabolic issues.

There are many lassi manufacturers in India; however, Baani Lassi is available in 2 tasty versions (sweet Lassi and plain Lassi) and is a delightful solution for those who want instant refreshment in the summer months.