12 Sept, 2022

The Story of Dahi

“A Boon for Health, Farmers, and India”

Dahi is an ancient Indian super food that needs no introduction. Made from traditionally fermented milk, Dahi has found a worthy mention in Indian Ayurvedic scripts dating back to about 6000 BC ago. Preparing it is simple as all you need to do is – add spoonfuls of previously prepared curd to boiled, lukewarm and filtered milk, and then store it in a tightly sealed (undisturbed) vessel; preferably overnight.

Quality dahi can be made from any milk type, be it cow’s milk, buffalo milk, or goat milk

Dahi Benefits

Dahi is a rich source of nutrients that can benefit growing children, adults, and even the elderly. Especially, when it is from top milk producers. It is rich in protein and contains essential micronutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. It is ideal for sportspersons and even the lactose intolerant can consume it. If you may wonder why it is because the lactose in milk undergoes a chemical reaction to turn into lactic acid because of active bacterial cultures. Thus, making it easily digestible for people from all walks of life. Methionine is one of its active ingredients, which helps protect the liver from bad fats. If we talk about other uses of Dahi, it is an excellent additive to a beauty routine as it acts as a base for making a face pack, relieving dandruff, and treating sunburnt skin.

Reasons to Choose Baani Dahi

Baani producer company (a leading producer of dahi) is committed to enabling farmers in building a brighter future by offering them comprehensive services, fair prices, and integrated animal welfare services. The company is driving a movement of change through its wide variety of milk products that include toned dahi, and double toned dahi.

Baani’s Toned dahi is known for its homemade rich creamy dahi taste which is prepared with pasteurised toned milk. It can be consumed directly or can be used to prepare dahi dishes, raita and salads. Just like toned dahi, Baani’s double toned dahi is known for being suitable for people with low tolerance to milk products that contain fat, while retaining its homemade rich creamy taste


Dahi, the super food is widely consumed around the globe and especially in India because of its amazing flavour and complete nutrient profile. Perhaps, that’s why ayurvedic texts regarded dahi as a super food! Dahi is a cooling, nutritious, and excellent digestive aid. Baani Dahi’s two variants – Toned Dahi & Double Toned Dahi are perfect choices for growing children, adults, the elderly, and even athletes who want a complete source of nutrition from the best milk producer company in Punjab without compromising quality! Try Baani Dahi now for a healthy lifestyle to the nation’s hardworking dairy farmers.