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Baani Milk Producer Company is the premier integrated milk producer company in Punjab, wholly owned by the dairy farmers of the state. We aim to promote our members’ income by optimizing milk production, cutting costs, and providing competitive pricing and essential services and committed to delivering top-notch milk products.

Baani is known for its transparency in all operations, which sets us apart as a trusted name in the industry. With village-level automation, direct payment transfers, quality dairy offerings, and expert management, Baani is a beacon of success in the dairy industry.

Automation at village level

Direct amount transfer of
payment to members

Management by experienced professionals

How We work

We are involved in step by step transformation of Punjab villages with our Dairy Activities

Moving Ahead In

Baani has launched “Baani Member Mobile Application”. Through this app the members keep track of milk supplied and milk payment received from Baani. It also acts as a platform to share knowledge regarding animal health and animal husbandry.

Transparency In

Baani makes payments to its producer members directly in their bank accounts every 10 days. Members get daily notification on their mobile phones on pouring milk into the company. The notification contains details of quantity poured, Fat/SNF percentage and value of milk.

Wide Spread
Dairy Initiatives

Baani has taken many initiatives to help the dairy farmers of the region. Baani Feed and Baani Min offer complete nutrition and a balanced diet to the cattle, filled with natural ingredients and area-specific essential nutrients required to improve their health, reproduction, milk yield and quality.

Productivity Enhancement Activities

Our Mission statement

Baani Milk Producer Company is committed to increase income of its members by increasing milk production, reducing milk production cost and by offering competitive price and necessary services

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