lassi Benefits
18 March, 2023

Lassi – Benefits, Recipe & History

Lassi – a traditional Indian drink that every household of the nation is familiar with. It can be prepared from mixing dahi and water, into just about delicious flavour Read More
09 Dec, 2022

Eating Dahi in winter

Curd is usually considered to be (better) avoided in the winter months, people have perception it can cause a cold and sore throat. Read More
The truth about ghee and its role in weight loss
16 Nov, 2022

The truth about ghee and its role in weight loss

We Indians can’t live without ghee, whether it is for adding flavour or using it for medical purposes. Do you also feel that ghee is unhealthy and fattening? Read More
5 healthy milk smoothies for this winter
31 Oct, 2022

Importance of Dahi in our lives since the Vedic age

What if we told you that Dahi or curd was often consumed by gods also? Yes, according to the Vedas, Dahi made from cow’s milk is a delightful food not only for humans but for gods as well. Read More
5 healthy milk smoothies for this winter
18 Oct, 2022

5 healthy milk smoothies for this winter

We all know that healthy cow’s milk is a great source of protein, calcium, and other nutrients, but did you know that milk can also help boost your immune system? That’s right, milk is a natural immunity booster. Read More
Dairy - A Gift for Festivities
6 Oct, 2022

Dairy – A Gift for Festivities

Those who celebrate festivals know how important ghee is for lighting of the auspicious flame for Diwali pooja, how special is Kachi Lassi for concluding the Karva Chauth fast, and what difference exceptional quality dairy can contribute in make making of sweets. Read More
12 Sept, 2022

The Story of Dahi

Dahi is an ancient Indian superfood that needs no introduction. Made from traditionally fermented milk, Dahi has found a worthy mention in Indian Ayurvedic scripts dating back to about 6000 BC ago. Read More
18th August, 2022

Ghee – Introduction, Nutrition & Benefits

Ghee is an important part of Indian cuisine and has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. Made by simmering butter until the water evaporates and the milk solids begin to fall to the bottom. Read More
04 Aug, 2022

Importance of Milk

There’s evidence that humans have been consuming milk since at least 6000 years ago. The big question is – How did humans know the nutritional benefits of milk before testing methods were invented? Read More
12 July, 2022

Baani, Everything you need to know!

Have you ever been asked, “Do you drink water?” Chances are – NO.As 70% of human body is water, it’s a no brainer that humanity cannot sustain without it. But, we bet you’ve been asked, “Do you drink milk?”, or “Which milk do you drink?” Read More