Who can be a member of Baani MPC?

A milk-producing farmer above 18 years of age can become a member of Baani if he/she owns milch cattle, resides in the village, and agrees to follow the company’s terms and conditions. He/she is required to fill out a membership form and pay a registration fee of Rs. 100 for males and Rs. 50 for females.

A milk-producing farmer cannot become a member if he/she possesses any business interest that conflicts with Baani’s business. Only one eligible household member can be enrolled as an Baani MPC member. After the MPC Board approves the applicant, the applicant receives a unique 16-digit member code to pour milk of the required quality and standards to the MPP as a member. The date the board approves the membership is considered the date of membership.

How a member can continue his/her membership?

Different classes of Members

There are three different categories of members in the company- A, B, and C class members. This categorization is based on the milk quantity supplied, consistency in supplying milk (total milk quantity supplied and total days’ supply), and share capital contribution.

Classification of Members

Class of MemberBased on the number of days of milk supplied in a year
Based on the quantity of milk supplied in a yearLean (June to September) to Flush (December to March) ratioBased on the number of share in the company
Class CA minimum of 200 days500 Litres or more of milk supply1:3A minimum of 5 shares (Rs. 500/-)
Class BA minimum of 270 days4,000 Litres or more of milk supply1:3A minimum of 40 shares (Rs. 4,000/-)
Class AA minimum of 330 days and above10,000 Litres or more of milk supply1:3A minimum of 100 shares (Rs. 10,000/-)