Dairy Activities

Milk Procurement:

During year 2020-21, Company has procured average of 2.70 Lakh Kgs of Milk per day.


Company is operating mainly in nine districts of Punjab to cover 1217 villages with 1330 MPPs (Milk Pooling Points) under 11 MCCs (Milk Chilling Centres).


At the end of the financial year 2020-21, total of 59,043 were approved members which indicates the high degree of loyalty and patronage towards the functioning and principles of Baani as a Milk Producer Company. The ethos of Transparency, Honesty, Passion and Timeliness of Company’s Value, Mission and Vision has built confidence and trust of the members in functioning of the Baani MPC. The company has ensured that competitive milk price is paid in a transparent manner to the members in every 10 day cycle. Company took the transparency in milk procurement to another level by introducing Member Mobile App for anytime access to member’s data.

During the year 2020-21, company further worked extensively to improve efficiency of the field staff by day to day monitoring and planning at MCC level. Designated meeting rooms marked with updated visual displays, boards, literature and posters. Teams are conducting daily meetings at these designated meeting rooms. New parameters were introduced for field level monitoring through these channels.

This activity has further improved coordination between different departments like Procurement, PIB, PES, Logistics and Quality at MCC level.

Way Forward:​

Our Company is planning to consolidate the milk procurement operations further by increasing active membership at the existing MPPs. Along with this, company is also working to take Member Mobile App access to all the active members.

PES (Productivity Enhancement Services):

Baani Feed and Baani Min offer a complete nutrition and a balanced diet to the cattle, filled with natural ingredients and area specific essential nutrients required to improve their health, reproduction, milk yield and quality. Baani feed and Baani Min sales volume for the year 2020-21 was in tune of 5235 MT and 101 MT respectively which is higher than the previous years. Company is planning to further strengthen the coverage of maximum number of members under PES.

Subclinical Mastitis Screening:

Mastitis and Subclinical Mastitis are the major issues in dairy farming. As Company is committed to reduce the cost of milk production and deliver high quality of milk to its customers, screening of cattle for Subclinical Mastitis with CMT (California Mastitis Test) was taken at another level by screening 46,091 animals during 2020-21.

MCPP (Mastitis Control Popularization Project):

During the year under review, Mastitis Control Popularization Project (MCPP) was continued successfully by the Company under guidance of NDDB (National Dairy Development Board). Along with screening of animals for subclinical mastitis, milk for SCC (somatic cell count), Antibiotic & Aflatoxin residues was also carried out.

FDP (Farm Development Project):

Subscription based Farm Development Project (FDP) covered 172 members to provide advisory services on efficient dairy farming was undertaken during the year.

RBP (Ration Balancing Program):

The Ration Balancing Program (RBP) was continued during the year under review and RBP is successful in providing animal nutrition advisory service to the milk producers at their doorstep with the help of Local Resource Persons (LRPs) to facilitate increase in milk yield, reducing production cost and also contribute to reduce methane emission.

Fodder Development Program

Balanced nutrition is an integral part of animal husbandry which is incomplete without quality fodder.

Baani Milk Producer Company which is committed to increase income of its dairy farmer members through various cost saving initiatives is working on disseminating latest knowledge in fodder production.

Under this program Baani MPC has arranged for fodder demonstration program with help of one of the leading fodder seed company.

Many of the members of Baani MPC has taken benefit from this activity and are now producing quality green fodder at their farms.