Annual General Meeting 2023

The 10th Annual General Meeting was held at Harpal Tiwana Centre for Performing Arts, Patiala.

On 25th August 2023, Baani Milk Producer Company Limited organized its 10th Annual General Meeting at Harpal Tiwana Centre, Patiala. The event started with a warm welcome by Dr. Navdeep Kumar followed by the company’s Chief Executive, Shri Narinder Singh Bahga, who addressed all the shareholders about how the year 2022-23 went and what are our future plans for 2023-24 for enhancement of business and welfare of the farmer members associated with us. Dr. Navdeep Kumar further added knowledge about clean milk production. He put light on the topic and educated every member present there regarding the same. He also educated the members about the present practices practiced by Baani Milk Producer Company Limited for better opportunities in the form of Cattle insurance and Kissan Credit Card. He also mentioned the use of Ethno Veterinary Medicines over Antibiotics.

The Company Secretary, Mr. Rajesh Saini, furthered the AGM after the nod of Chairman, Smt. Manjeet Kaur, with Minutes of the previous meeting, Financial statements, Election of the board of directors, and present the shareholder’s vote on the issues at hand.

The event ended with Lunch at the end.